Newsletter | January 26, 2022

Turner Baptist Brotherhood Meeting

The Turner Baptist Association will be meeting on February 3, at Trinity Community Church.  The Executive Meeting will start at 6:30 PM followed by supper and Brotherhood meeting at 7:00 PM.

Easter Choir

Attention all choir members and singers!!! We are getting together to prepare special music for Palm Sunday, April 10, during the morning worship service. If you are interested, please let Jonathan know. The first practice will be on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.  

50th Wedding Anniversary

The First Baptist Church Family is invited to a 50th wedding anniversary shower in honor of Dean and Brenda McKinney.

February 6, 2022 | 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

At Bethel Baptist Church Family Ministry Building 


Don’t forget to check out Brother David’s Mid-Week Devotion on the book of Psalms. They are uploaded each Wednesday on the sermon page.

Giving as of January 26, 2022

Budget for 2022 . . . . . . . .  $322,471.00
Tithes Needed to Date . . . . . $24,805.48
Received to Date . . . . . . . . . $15,669.61
Needed for weekly budget . . . $6,201.37
Tithes Received this week . . .  $2,193.91

From Our Pastor

Where can we find strength and help for living in these days?  Everywhere we look we see confusion, chaos, and disintegration.  What will enable us to live in this time?

The answer is found in a person.  Our Lord will enable us to face these days. Jeremiah 51 shows characteristics of our Lord that make Him worthy of our trust and dependence.

First, He is sovereign.  He determines what will happen.  At the writing of Jeremiah 51, Babylon was a growing, mighty empire.  She was the most powerful nation on earth.  Historians tell us Babylon did whatever she wanted to do in this period.  No, she didn’t.  Jeremiah 51 clearly shows that God was in control of Babylon and had already planned her destruction.

God is sovereign.  He determines what will happen.  We can trust Him because He rules over all.

God is also faithful.  God was using Babylon to judge His people.  Verse 5 says, “For neither Israel nor Judah has been forsaken by his God, the Lord of hosts, although their land is full of guilt.”

God never forgets, leaves, abandons, or “writes off” His people.  He will carry us through every situation.  We can rest in His faithful love for us.

All of that sounds good, but can God really do it?  Can He judge the wicked and preserve His own?  Yes, because God is unlimited in His power.  Verse 15 says, “It is He who made the earth by His power, who established the world by His wisdom, and by His understanding He stretched out the heavens.”

Think about this creation.  Ponder its size and detail.  Our God spoke all of this into existence out of nothing!  There is nothing he cannot do.

What about His decisions?  Can we trust what God decides to do?  Again, verse 15 gives us the answer.  God planned this creation based on His wisdom and understanding.  He knows the best answer in every situation.  We can trust what He decides to do.

What a wonderful God we serve.  We can trust Him in every situation – even the one we are living in today!

Sunday, January 30

Deacon of the Week: Carl Hobbs

Deacon Greeters
Front Door: Carl Hobbs
Organ Greeter: Shawn McRae
Piano Greeter: W. Greg Brown

Sound: Daniel West
Video: Julie West

Nursery Workers
Sandra Ellis & Rachel Flake

Sunday, February 6

Deacon of the Week: Daniel West

Deacon Greeters
Front Door: Daniel West
Organ Greeter: Allen Whitehead
Piano Greeter:  David Flake

Sound: Chris McCard
Video: Saskia Van Son

Nursery Worker
Charnelle Reinhardt & June Whiddon