Newsletter | July 28, 2021

FROM OUR PASTOR | “Who can you trust?” How often have you heard or asked that question? It seems as if every day brings news of duplicity, fraud, failure, and irresponsibility. All of us have had the experience of being disappointed by someone whom we trusted.

Newsletter | July 21, 2021

FROM OUR FAMILY AND MUSIC MINISTER | People tend to be apprehensive whenever the topic of inviting someone to church or church visitation comes up. I have heard people say, “I just don’t know anyone that doesn’t attend church” or “I don’t know who to invite.” Unfortunately, in our community we have abundance of people who don’t attend church on a regular basis. As church members, we must be proactive in identifying them and then trust God to give us the wisdom to know what to say.

Newsletter | July 14, 2021

FROM OUR PASTOR | Are you trusting the Lord in your circumstances? Are you able to face your adversities and problems with confidence in the Lord? Has the size of the problem overwhelmed your ability to believe? Perhaps the situation has worn you down because it has lasted so long.

Newsletter | June 23, 2021

FROM OUR FAMILY AND MUSIC MINISTER | This Sunday, we will be starting back to Sunday School. If you have not been a part of one of these small groups, I hope that you will find one to help you grow spiritually. I want to share with you just a few reasons I think this time of study is essential in the life of a growing Christian.

Newsletter | June 9, 2021

FROM OUR FAMILY MINISTER | Have you ever put your foot in your mouth and had to “eat crow”? I know I sure have, and if we are honest with ourselves, I’m sure we all have at some time or another. Usually, we do this because of a lack of understanding of a situation or up-to-date information. Nevertheless, no matter what embarrassing situation you found yourself in, hopefully, you learned from it.

Newsletter | June 2, 2021

FROM OUR PASTOR | Do you struggle to trust God in the affairs of everyday life? It’s not that you doubt God’s existence or power. But you find it difficult to rely upon His intervention?

Newsletter | May 26, 2021

CHILDREN’S TEACHER NEEDED As we are preparing to start Sunday school back up, we need a Children’s teacher. If you would be interested in teaching or helping, contact Rachel Flake or Jonathan. Children are essential to a growing church, and we need to do our best to teach them God’s word. Possible Positions: Nursery worker…