Newsletter | June 19, 2024

From Our Family and Music Minister | As a child, one of my favorite summer activities was swimming. But before I knew how to swim, my dad got us a little kiddy pool that he kept in the backyard all summer. One hot afternoon, I ran out the back door and went to jump in the pool, when I came to a sudden stop and saw a pool full of creatures with claws. I later learned that these were crawdads mixed in with a few crabs the neighbors’ teenage son had caught and was trying to keep alive until they cooked them. But to a young city-raised kid, they were creatures only seen on television and in nightmares.

Newsletter | June 12, 2024

From Our Pastor | Do you ever fear that your life isn’t important?  Perhaps your talents and gifts are used behind the scenes and do get as much attention as others get with their talents. Maybe you look at your accomplishments and think, “That’s not much.”  Perhaps what you are doing now does not seem to measure up to what you have done in the past.

Newsletter | June 5, 2024

All ladies are welcome to join our WMU  group.Monday, June 10th1:30 PM Meet in Bill Hardin SS Class Room Women on Mission (WMU) members seek to live out missions through missions projects, ministries, prayer, giving, and Bible study. Operation Christmas Child To prepare for OCC, we are gathering items throughout the next several months. A…

Newsletter | May 29, 2024

From Our Pastor | When we think about the direction and focus of our lives, few things have more impact than our priorities.  Yes, we have responsibilities, commitments, and obligations, but most of those are shaped by our priorities.

Newsletter | May 15, 2024

From Our Pastor | As we live our lives, there is nothing more important than experiencing God’s presence.  We desperately need His light in times of confusion, His guidance in decisions and His strength in trials.  We need Him for the meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.  We need Him.

Newsletter | May 8, 2024

From Our Family And Music Minister | I love to watch competitions and people compete, especially if I have someone for whom to root. One thing I find entertaining is how quickly someone jumps from supporting a losing team to a winning team instead of remaining loyal. If they were true fans, they would be fans no matter how well they did. They would stay through the thick and thin no matter the sacrifice. When it comes to a task that God puts on your heart, how hard is it for you to remain loyal to the task when adversity strikes?

Newsletter | May 1, 2024

From Our Pastor | “How can I handle the problem?”  You may be asking yourself that question today.  No doubt you’ve asked it in the past.  If the Lord tarries, you’ll be asking that question again.  We all face difficulties, adversities and problems that trouble and try us.

Newsletter | April 17, 2024

From Our Pastor | “…There was none like him among all the kings of Judah…” (2 Kings 18:5).  Isn’t that an amazing statement?  It is even more amazing when we remember that those words were God’s evaluation of King Hezekiah.

Newsletter | April 10, 2024

From Our Family And Music Minister | You may not be familiar with James Anderson, but he has become a lifesaver to more than 2,000 people. James is a plumber in the British town of Burnley, where he gives significant discounts to the elderly on plumbing work. James became famous over the internet when the daughter of a terminally ill woman posted the bill she had received. Her boiler had gone out, and they contacted James in hopes of getting it done at a fair price, but to their surprise, he did it for free and said to let him know if any problems arose, he would take care of them. He said that she deserves to remain comfortable. He told CNN that this business practice has led him to lose money in his business, but he says that as long as he has money to put gas in the car, he will show up where he is needed.