Newsletter | April 21, 2021

FROM OUR PASTOR | What a wonderful God we serve! Our heart should overflow with love, thanksgiving and praise for Him. As Asaph wrote in Psalm 81, “Sing for joy to God our strength; shout joyfully to the God of Jacob” (verse 1).

Newsletter | March 31, 2021

FROM OUR MUSIC AND FAMILY MINSTER | This past week I was working in my workshop, and I needed to use my drill press. I don’t use this tool very often, but it is nice to have it on hand. As I pulled it off the shelf and set it up on my workbench, I noticed a little switch that I had not seen before. After some investigation, I realized that it cut on lasers that help you line up your work! What makes this more interesting is that I have owned this tool for more than 15 years and have struggled many times to line up my workpiece just on the right spot; instead of learning how to use this tool when I got it, I spent 15 years using it wrong and making it much more difficult to use. I can’t tell you the amount of time I have wasted looking for other tools or strategies to make this tool more accessible.

Newsletter | March 24, 2021

FROM OUR PASTOR | What comes to your mind when you hear the term “first importance”? Do you think in terms of priority? This would mean that things of “first importance? must be done first. Or do you think in terms of placement? This would mean that things of “first importance” are the foundation upon which everything else is built.

Newsletter | March 17, 2021

“The Stand” staring April 14, 2021 | “The Stand” is a new family ministry that will begin on Wednesday nights. We will start each night in the Fellowship Hall and have Bible study as a family group. As we continue, our goal will be to continue family group Bible study each time we meet, and then different groups will break off to dive deeper into the nightly scripture with age-appropriate material. This will currently take the place of what was Team-Kid and Youth/College activities.

Newsletter | March 10, 2021

FROM OUR PASTOR | Do you remember the last time you sang “Amazing Grace”? Did you mean it? Could it be that you know the words, but the lyrics have lost their meaning? Have you forgotten how amazing is God’s grace toward you? Such a condition reflects a cooling in our relationship with God. It almost always shows that we are no longer growing in our walk. It often shows that we are drifting away from Christ.

Newsletter | March 3, 2021

FROM OUR FAMILY AND MUSIC MINSTER | As the book of Matthew concludes, Jesus commissioned the Apostles to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations.” This command was not just for the eleven Apostles Jesus had brought into His inner circle. This command was for all who believed and for future believers.

Newsletter | February 10, 2021

FROM OUR PASTOR | How can we pray with confidence? I’m sure that each of us has problems, needs, dreams, or questions that we have lifted up in prayer to the Lord. How can we rest in confidence that God has heard and is going to move in that area?