Our Mission

Just as Jesus cherished children in his ministry, First Baptist believes in caring for the growth of the whole family. We think it is essential to teach and walk with our children as they begin to lay the foundations for their relationship with God. At First Baptist, we emphasize the importance of loving and serving others. We want every child to grow up with the ability to make wise choices, to have faith to trust God no matter what life brings, and to learn to treat others the way they want to be treated. To do this, we build our lessons so that children learn about God, learn to trust God, and learn to show God’s love to those around them.

Weekly Devotions

Online VBS

We currently have an online vacation bible school available. If you would like to participate, drop by the church office and pick up a VBS bag full of crafts and handouts to go along with our VBS.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


Due to COVID 19, we are currently not having regular children’s activities. Our prayers are that this ministry will resume as soon as possible.  Please make sure you are subscribed to our text and email list to get the latest updates.