Newsletter | December 23, 2020

Christmas Eve Service

In Person Christmas Eve Service

For anyone who feels comfortable attending an in-person service, we are having a Christmas Eve service on Dec 24th, at 6:00 PM.  Social Distancing will be practiced, and the Lord’s Supper will be served in pre-packaged cups. 

Digital Christmas Eve Service and Lord’s Supper

For anyone who can not join us for our Christmas Eve service, we will be offering a digital service on our website. During the service, we will be partaking in the Lord’s Supper.  For your participation, the elements of the Lord’s supper are available at the church office. If you cannot come by the church, call the church office, and a deacon can deliver them to you.

Church Directory

The 2021 Church Directories are ready.  If you would like a copy emailed to you, let Nikki know.  There are some by the church office if you would like to come by and pick one up.


The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is an annual offering collected by believers around the world to support international missions. The offering was officially named in 1918 by Woman’s Missionary Union in honor of the missionary to China who urged churches to start it and give sacrificially.

This offering is unique from other mission offerings in that 100% of gifts provide for missionaries all over the world. It is a valuable part of Southern Baptists’ 175-year history of reaching the nations with the gospel and vital to reaching the vision of a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ.

RECEIVED SO FAR: $2,225.00


Don’t forget to check out Brother David’s Mid-Week Devotion on the book of Psalms. They are uploaded each Wednesday on the sermon page.

Giving as of December 23, 2020

Budget for 2020 . . . . . . . .  $326,787.00
Tithes Needed to Date . . .   $301,649.76
Received to Date . . . . . . . . $285,378.60
Needed for weekly budget . . . $6,284.37
Tithes Received this week . . .  $18,972.00

From Our Family And Music Minister

I’m sure you have heard the phrase many times in the past few months, “Hasn’t this year been different?” 

Many plans or regular events had to be canceled or changed.  It may not have been as noticeable for most of us as it is around the Christmas season.  Maybe this year, you can’t get together with family, or you have lost a loved one, or perhaps you are reminded of someone you have lost in the past.  Unfortunately, this Season of Joy can be a season of sadness for many.

Even though family, friends, and loved ones are very important to us, they should not be the real JOY in our hearts. The real JOY should come from the One Who created us. 

I know I’m not the first person to make this statement, nor will I be last; and as some people read this, they probably think it’s a nice thing to say, but how impractical is it.  It’s hard around the holidays when you don’t have someone around that has been in your life for a long time.

Maybe we have such a hard time finding Joy in our Savior because He has never held a prominent place in our hearts as other loved ones have?

I will be the first to admit, I am human, and I have failed at this many times.  But, I can also testify that Christ can bring you joy when you elevate Him to that point in your life.

In no way am I trying to diminish the hurt that someone may be feeling over the holidays.  I desire that when you are struggling, you can find comfort in an unchanging God.  A God Who loves you so much that He sent His Son to be born into this world to redeem us from our sins.  He is a God that is always standing with His arms wide open to embrace and comfort you if you only let Him.  Even though this year has had so much change in it, you can find comfort that we worship an unchanging God.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. 
Hebrews 13:8