Posts from September 2020

Newsletter | September 30, 2020

FROM OUR FAMILY AND MUSIC MINISTER | One of the strongest leaders in the Bible was Moses. Moses was born Jewish, and as an infant, was put into a basket by his mother to save his life. He was found by found Pharaoh’s daughter, who adopted him and raised him in the palace. However, his life took a turn when he killed a slave master and fled. Moses then became a farmer and got married with kids; but when he was around 80 years old, God called on Moses to be used as a vessel to save the Israelites.

Newsletter | September 23, 2020

Wedding With great joy, Johnny Brown and Lacey Jo Lewis would love for you to join them in celebration of their marriage.  With dinner and bonfire to follow. On November 14, 2020 at 4:00 PMWilcox FarmAbbeville, Georgia Contact the church office for directions. MID-WEEK DEVOTION Don’t forget to check out Brother David’s Mid-Week Devotion on…

Newsletter | September 16, 2020

From our Family and Music Minister | If you read my article a few weeks ago, I talked about our youth engaging in an adventure course during camp. To make it through the course, they had to stay focused on the obstacles and not how high they were above the ground. After the youth finished the regular adventure course, the company offered for them to do the extreme course at no extra charge.

Newsletter | September 9, 2020

FROM OUR PASTOR | How we need God’s guidance in these days! Never before have we faced such a deliberate campaign of lies, misinformation and propaganda. We desperately need to seek and follow the Lord’s guidance. The consequences of not following the Lord are frightening.

Newsletter | September 2, 2020

FROM OUR FAMILY AND MUSIC MINISTER | Several years back, at summer camp, we took our youth to an adventure course. Before you begin the course, they put you in a harness, and they connect you to a safety line. After you start, there are only two ways to get off the course without completely going through it. A staff member climbs out to you and connects another line to you and lowers you to the ground while everyone waits, or if you have not gone too far, you can backtrack to the start if no one else is behind you.