Newsletter | August 26, 2020


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Giving as of August 26, 2020

Budget for 2020 . . . . . . . .  $326,787.00
Tithes Needed to Date . . .  $201,099.84
Received to Date . . . . . . . . $168,053.26

Needed for weekly budget . . . .. .  $6,284.37
Tithes Received this week . . . . . . . $899.93

From our Pastor

     Is fear preventing you from following the Lord?  Perhaps God has clearly shown you a direction He wants you to go, but you are too scared to follow Him!  It may be that God wants you to quit a particular activity or leave some setting, but you feel secure in that place.  You may feel that God’s leading requires you to “go against the current” – maybe even alone.  Such realization has caused you to pull back.

     You are not the first to face such a crisis of faith.  In Numbers 13-14, Israel finally arrives at the promised land of Canaan.  The spies report that the land is beautiful and fruitful.  Unfortunately, the land is also occupied by strong people groups – some of whom were giants.

     What did Israel do?  They chose not to go into the land.  They spent the next forty years in the wilderness until that generation died out.  The consequence of unbelieving disobedience is wilderness wandering. 

     What would have helped the Israelites to overcome their fear?  Are there some lessons that we can learn from their fearful failure so that we can follow the Lord and experience His plan for our lives?

     As we look at Numbers 13-14, we find that there are some crucial actions that we can take to be able to overcome our fear and follow the Lord.

     First, we must trust the promises of the Lord.  Why should the Israelites have had confidence about taking possession of the land?  Because God had promised it to them!  In Genesis 15, God entered a covenant with Abraham in which He guaranteed the land of Canaan to the Israelites after the bondage of Egypt.  When God told Moses to send the spies, it was for them to see the land that God was giving to them (Numbers 13:2).  God’s promises are certain and are based on His character.  We can rest confidently in them.

     Next, we must trust God’s power.  The Israelites heard the report about the strong inhabitants of Canaan and were too afraid to follow the Lord’s leading.  However, Joshua and Caleb were certain of victory.  What made the difference?  Joshua and Caleb were depending upon God’s power and not their own.  They told Israel, “If the Lord is pleased with us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us…” (Numbers 14:8).  Joshua and Caleb knew God’s power would be the determining factor in possessing the land (which He had already promised).  We can be assured that God’s promises are fulfilled by His unlimited power.

     Last, we must trust God’s presence.  If we are right with the Lord and are following Him, He will be with us.  He does not just send us.  He goes with us.  In Numbers 14:14, Moses prays for Israel on the basis of God’s presence among them.  In Psalm 46, the psalmist refers to the Lord as “A very present help in trouble.”  If we set our heart to follow the Lord, He will be with us every step of the way.  We can trust Him.

     Believer, what is there to fear in following the Lord?  He gives His promises, power, and presence.  Let’s follow Him.


Carl Hobbs, the teacher for Christians Under Construction, is teaching live on Facebook each Sunday at 9:30 AM. Everyone is welcome to join.

To Join: Search for Carl Hobbs on Facebook. You will then see a link to join on his page.

Call Jonathan if you have any issues.