The Gathering

The Gathering is a place where young adults can dig into God’s Word, fellowship, and develop a lifestyle of equipping others. God calls us to be more than hearers of His Word; He calls us also to be doers. Join us as we become believers that engage the culture around us.

Covid 19

Due to COVID 19, we are currently not having regular (Ministry Name) activities. Our prayers are that this ministry will resume as soon as possible.  Please make sure you are subscribed to our text and email list to get the latest updates. 

When and where do we meet?

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the First Baptist Church Family Ministry Building. The building is located at 215 Mclendon Street, Ashburn, GA.

What are we studying?

Jesus charged His disciples with making disciples, baptizing them in His name, and teaching them His commandments. That charge is as important to you as a young person as it is to older Christians. Becoming a disciple is more than just being saved and baptized. Becoming a disciple involves learning to follow God by carefully studying God’s Word and then living it out for others to see. During each meeting of The Gathering, we will look at a specific scripture from our previous Bible reading.  It is easy to jump in any week, even if you haven’t been able to read the passages. We will be using the D-Life journal as a study guide.

Do I need a D-Life Journal?

Having a D-Life journal is a great way to keep notes and write down questions you might have for the next group meeting. However, you can access the same material that is in the journal online at The journal can be ordered through the church for $14.