Baccalaureate Service

Baccalaureate Service Information

Congratulations, graduates. I know you are looking forward to this exciting time in your life. We hope you plan to be a part of our Baccalaureate service, and we have set up this web page to give you all the information you need.

The Baccalaureate service will be on May 21 during our morning worship service. We will also be having breakfast at 9:00 AM for you and your families.

To participate in the service, you need to do the following things.

  1. Let Jonathan know you are participating as soon as possible. You can text him at 229-567-5041
  2. Send Jonathan a senior headshot to use for the newsletter as soon as possible. Email at
  3. Write up a short bio for us to use during the service. You can get this to Jonathan closer to the time.
    • Give me your full name and your parent’s name.
    • What school are you graduating from?
    • What are your plans after college? (Work, School, etc.)
    • List any awards you received in the community or school.
    • Any information you would like us to share with the church concerning accomplishments or future plans.
  4. By Monday, May 8th, get Jonathan around 25 pictures of you from birth until now.
    • If you need pictures scanned, you can drop them off by Jonathan’s office or schedule a time with him to scan them while you wait.
    • You can give me digital pictures on a flash drive, or I can set you up a shared folder on Gmail or Dropbox. Email and texting pictures lower the quality, so I prefer to use google drive if possible.
    • If the pictures are only on your phone, texting them will be the best option.
    • Just remember I will blow these up 100 times the original size, so quality counts.
  5. Don’t forget to invite family and friends to this special service.

We will text out more information as time gets closer.