Elijah Alford


Parents Name: Pamaler Barber


Elijah is a graduate of Turner County High School.


Elijah’s achievements include outstanding Senior Superlative, Honor roll- 4 years, voted most likely to succeed by peers, and Dual enrollment.


In the 4-H program, Elijah served 4 years as president and 3 years as certified teen leader. He received 3 First place awards in his District Project and 2nd place in State Congress.


In the Turner County Rebel band, he served as drum major for 4 years and received 10 superior trophies, 2 excellent trophies and three 2nd place trophies.


Elijah was also part of the FFA for 3 years and served as president for 1 year. He was awarded livestock judging high individual, and 2nd place on the livestock judging team. He also received the Greenhand, Chapter, and State degrees.


He also served on the Student Council for 4 years and 1 year as a school system Ambassador on the State Superintendent Student Council.


After high school Elijah plans to major in agriculture and minor in music performance and agriculture education.

Some of Elijah’s hobbies include volunteering in community events and organizations, playing his saxophone, speaking to small groups, playing video games, and doing yard work.


From Elijah: I could not imagine how my life would be without the support that I have received from the church. I appreciate all the support I have received, whether it was financial, physical, or spiritual.


Phoebe Grace Beard


Parents: Lori Wooten and Chad Beard, Granddaughter of Wylene Beard.


Phoebe is a graduate of Crisp County High School where she completed the Healthcare Science Pathway and graduated with honors.


Phoebe was the recipient of the Irwin EMC Scholarship. She completed her senior year of High School as a full-time student at ABAC.


Phoebe served as Junior Class Vice President, HOSA Treasurer, Secretary of the BETA club for 2 years, Student Council member, Business Manager and Editor for the Yearbook.


Phoebe plans to attend ABAC and get her Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management with a minor in Wildlife studies. She plans on getting her certification as a Wildlife Biologist so she can travel the world and save the animals.


Some of Phoebe’s hobbies include kayaking, fishing, saving any animal she can find, swimming, and hiking in the mountains.


From Phoebe: I am so thankful to have been a part of this church for 5 years. I have grown tremendously in my faith and my social skills. Thank you for loving me and helping me become the person I am today. I am especially thankful for our Youth leaders, Jonathan, Mrs. Julie and Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Angie, David and Suzi, and Mama Huff. I am so glad for the lifelong friendships I have made in the youth group, and I hope all of us continue to stay friends throughout our adult life.


McKinley Reid McCard


Parents: Chris and Leigh McCard


Reid is graduating from Crisp Academy.


In high school Reid was part of the Beta Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a member of 4H.

After high school, Reid plans to attend ABAC for a year, then transfer to Georgia Southern or University of North Georgia to pursue a degree in business.


Some of Reid’s hobbies include baseball, hunting, fishing, corn hole, and tubing.


From Reid: I am thankful to have grown up in First Baptist Church of Ashburn and am grateful to all the people who have loved and taught me through the years. You have set a Christian example for all of us to follow and I am blessed to be a part of this church.


Dhruv Patel


Parent: Hiren Kumar Patel


Dhruv is graduating from Turner County High School.


Dhruv played baseball for the Turner County rebels and was awarded 2nd in 2A region outfield.


After graduation, Dhruv plans on attending Strayers University for Business Administration.


When Dhruv is not working, he loves playing games.


From Dhruv: Thank you all for always supporting our youth group.


James Ryan Taylor


Parents Name: James and Michelle Taylor


Ryan is graduating from Crisp Academy.


At Crisp Academy Ryan received the chemistry award and was on honor roll.

In High School,  Ryan participated in Football, Tennis, Baseball, and Band.

After graduation, Ryan plans to attend ABAC.


Some of Ryan’s hobbies include archery, tennis, swimming, and baseball.


From Ryan: Thank you for all the years of love and support.


Brandon Isaiah Trawick


Parents Name: Linda and Johnny Gates


Brandon is graduating from Turner County High School.


Brandon was a part of the Turner County Rebel Band where he was awarded most improved band member. He also received most outstanding tennis player.


Brandon was also an active participant in 4-H.


After graduation, Brandon plans on going to ABAC and getting a degree in market management, then transferring to another college.


Brandon’s hobbies include drumming, watching tv, reading tv scripts, and playing music.


From Brandon: One influential place in my life has been the church. The people I have met and the experiences I have had made me into a better person.


Ivan Zapote


Parents Name: Bernardo Zapote and Elisea Nabor


Ivan is graduating from Turner County High School.


Ivan will be graduating with Honors and receiving the Reach Scholarship.


While in school, he was a member of Beta Club and played football his senior year.


After high school, Ivan plans to continue taking classes at ABAC until he needs to transfer to GA Tech.


Ivan is a young man who loves to be active, whether that is working out, playing soccer, and going to find things to do in the outdoors. Ivan also loves learning new things such as photography, finances, and  most forms of engineering. He is eager to gather more information from books, experience, videos, or conversations with other people.  Playing/learning to play instruments is something he wants to do more. He is currently working on the guitar but hopes to learn piano.


Ivan also loves to work. He says working just lets him clear his mind and relax. He also loves spending time with friends/family. He would consider himself occupied most of the time, but every once a while he just likes to lay back and enjoy life and some down time. Thinking about the next big thing or start-up is something that he would consider as a hobby for him, because he is always trying to find out something new.


From Ivan: I would like to give a big thanks to everyone for letting me part of this family/congregation. It is sad to say that not everyone has an environment like this one and I am thankful for that. It has served as an anchor for me to remind me of where home really is and Who is in control.


Leonardo G Zapote


Parents Name: Silvia Gonzalez


Leonardo is graduating from Turner County High School.


While attending Turner County High School, he was on High Honor Roll and Honor Roll.


Leo was a part of JROTC for 4 years and band for 2 years.


After graduation, Leo plans to attend ABAC and pursue a degree in the medical field.


When asked about his hobbies, Leo said that he loves to eat, sleep, and watch Netflix. He also loves to work and have a great time with his friends.


From Leo: I am so happy to call First Baptist my church and thank you for letting me join the church. I am so grateful for everybody there and love them a lot.