Has anything really changed in 2000 years?


Americans live in a culture that places high emphasis on entertainment, achievement and self. It's increasingly difficult for Scriptural Truth to cut through the noise and sink into our hearts. But when we stop and study Scripture, the culture we live in faces the same problems as the early church.


In these four video Bible study sessions, David Nasser uses the life of Paul to highlight how followers of Christ can stand up to cultural “norms” and stand firm in Christ.  David Nasser teaches from several historical places including the Coliseum, the road to Rome, Mamertime Prison, and more.


May 21, 2016: Culture and Faith in Conflict
May 28, 2016: Not Good Enough
June 11, 2016: Keep The Faith
June 25, 2016: A Picture of Your Life


Young Adult Bible Study


Join us as we start a new 4 week study on Paul. We will meet in the FBC family ministry building at 9:00 AM on Saturday, starting May 21.


You will watch the Bible Study Video ahead of time on Right Now Media and we will discuss it when we meet. There is also a handout for you to go over before we meet. Hope you will take the time to join us.


Accessing the Bible Study Video:

    After logging into Right Now Media locate     the libraries section on the right side of the page. Click on Ashburn First Baptist Church. You will then see the Bible study listed under Young and Hungry.


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